Mo Kryger, born in 1986, is the daughter of polish immigrants and grew up in Cologne.

She graduated in Sports Science and Psychology, worked as a movement therapist in psychiatric facilities and for two different Universities in the field of health promotion.

Among other gamechanging experiences, a several weeks long pilgrimage in Norway made her change her career path to become an artist, author and coach. She lives with her husband and two (soon three) children in a coummunal housing project located in the countryside of central Germany.

Some thoughts on


Pursuing art is like healing and loving what is broken and cold. At best it makes the mind shut up – which is nice. It is also able to open the gate to a mystical and joyful place where anything is possible and no one is excluded. The most gorgeous playground full of signs saying „Yes!“ and „Why not?“.¬† Delicious snacks everywhere.
Overthinking, lack of selftrust and fear of judgement tend to get in the creative way. It takes time, inner work, practice, a whole lot of patience – sometimes sheer stubbornness – to do stuff anyway.


Nature is home. Ever embracing, providing unconditional love, giving hope. Peaceful in a million different ways. Challenging in a million different ways. It’s a mirror of all nature inside. Never judging because itself can’t be judged.

Also, big old trees are magical and holy creatures. Especially oakes.


Walking is something in between being and doing. It is like meditating with one’s eyes wide open. Energetic and laid back at the same time. A deep sense of satisfaction comes with just doing the thing the human body was primarily designed for.

Walking calms the ego – it’s obsession with the Self, all possible problems, opinions and fears dissolve a little bit more with each step taken. While walking a person gets empty – in a good way – and therefore is able to truly listen. Listen to other people, to nature and to all that precious information emerging from deeper sources of intelligence.

the concept of a spectrum

Nothing is as solid as it may appear. Not as clear, definable and predictable as we might sometimes wish it was. Not as separate!

Peace and trust can be found in getting used to fluidity, change and limitless diversity – in finally embracing the gorgeous and freeing ambiguity of it all.